"I love staying at Ashley Saunder's Dolphin House in Alicetown, North Bimini. There is so much positive/benificial energy in this building that you can feel the tingle. If one's spiritual senses were acute enough, you would probably see a glow coming from the house even when the lights are off. Thus far (2010) works for eight of my exhibits have been created within the walls of Dolphin House. Some of my most uplifting works have been inspired and created right here." (Norbert H. Kox).
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SEE  the Spiritual Paintings of native Biminite Morris Marvin Bowleg

Bimini's most unique and artistic structure
Bimini, Bahamas, Island retreat of visiting artist Norbert H. Kox
Dolphin House proprietor, founder and builder
Ashley B. Saunders recipitant of the 2000 Cacique Awards
(Photo from
Ashley Saunders is a Bimini born, internationally known author. Winner of the 2000 Cacique Awards
For more about Bimini's History, visit the Bimini Museum on North Bimini, and purchase Ashley B. Saunders' books, "History of Bimini" - Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (New World Press P.O. Box 652 Bimini, Bahamas)
Operation Sunshine
Sponsored by International Dolphin Watch (Includes pictures of Ashley Saunders and Dolphin House).

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THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS from the book "History of Bimini, Volume I"
by Ashley B. Saunders, 2000
pages 45-53

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Compleat Angler fire
Photos taken from the
Dolphin House roof-top balcony
Special thanks to Jackie Connell, founder of Operation Sunshine, for sending us the direct link to the official Operation Sunshine website: . "It is the aim of 'Operation Sunshine' to improve the quality of life, health and social well-being for adults and children with special needs... to take small groups on a much-needed holiday... to swim with dolphins in the clear crystal waters around Bimini. ...include other activities and alternative therapies."
The "Summer 2005 Program" has pictures of Ashley Saunders at the Dolphin House ( as Dr. Horace Dobbs presents him with Dilo Dolphin books he has written.  Dr. Dobbs, Director of International Dolphin Watch, , and Patron of Operation Sunshine, had inspired Ashley with his stories and introduction to the dolphins. Ashley said it's a life changing experience that really enriches your way of thinking.  The 2005 page also has a tribute to, and some special pictures of our beloved Carolyne Burke, who was so devoted to the children of Bimini. Sadly, Carolyn was among the Biminites and others who lost their lives in the crash of Chalk's flight 101, on its way to Bimini December 19, 2005,
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