Bimini, Bahamas, Island retreat of visiting artist Norbert H. Kox
BIMINI, Featuring Ashley Saunders and the Dolphin House
Ashley Saunders speaking about the hermit crab
Grant Johnson speaking about the Bimini Boa
The Gallant Lady shipwreck
Grant Johnson explains the Bimini Boa to Ashley Saunders and Norbert Kox, on the South Bimini Nature Trail.

The Nature Trail let's you explore another side of Bimini, where you can see endemic plants and animals in their natural environment. One of the unique creatures that can be seen on the trail is the Bimini Boa, an endangered snake that is a very important part of the island's ecology.

Guided tours of the trail are available, led by friendly professional guides, each of whom has years of experience. You will also have the opportunity to get "hands-on" experience with some of the unique animals of Bimini.

You can choose to take a self-guided tour and enjoy the scenery at your own pace, whether on a morning jog or an all-day adventure. There are signs identifying the plants and wildlife found along the trail, so that when you leave, you will be well informed about Bimini's natural attractions.
Cost for a tour of the trail are:-
$12.00 for Adults
$8.00 for Children

Bimini Nature Trail
Manager: Grant Johnson
Bimini Sands Recreation & Activity Center
South Bimini, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 347-3500

Historian Ashley B. Saunders explains the traits and characteristics of the hermit crab.

Filmed along side of the unique Dolphin House and Museum which was created by Mr. Saunders.

The once majestic Gallant Lady now reduced to a rusted hulk leans against a rocky shore on the southern tip of North Bimini in the Bahamas.

The freighter which sailed out of Belize City was smashed up on shore in a bad storm. In the years to follow the salty waves have slowly destroyed the abandoned ship, eating away at it until merely a skeleton remains.

Ironically the public cemetery overlooks the ghostly wreckage.

Welcome to the Out Islands of the Bahamas, or as we like to call it the REAL Bahamas. This video is about the island of Bimini. It is our intent to show a glimpse of our two hosts (Kevin Oestenstad and Jennifer Fox) discovering the Out Islands of the REAL Bahamas for the first time. Join them on their journey to discover truly authentic Bahamian destination experiences in The Biminis. They get off the beaten path and SEEK what historical, natural, and cultural wonders these beautiful islands in the Bahamas offers to visitors. What they found in Bimini completely changed their perspective of what they thought about the Bahamas. The Out Islands is not a place for everyone, so if you are looking for touristy resorts, crowded beaches, casinos and cruise stops, or marine life behind aquarium glass, don't come to the Out Islands. More importantly, our hosts found themselves. These tranquil islands of the Bahamas also allow you to RECONNECT to yourself and your loved ones. Learn more about the resorts where you can stay and the activities you can do in Bimini and the REAL Bahamas at If you have a great story about Bimini, we would love for you to share them with us.
Watch "AT THE END OF THE WORLD" video by British film maker Jan Bednarz. Filmed in Bimini, Bahamas, Includes apperances of Ashley Saunders, Piccolo Pete and other native Biminites. Special appearance of Norbert Kox as Ernest Hemingway in the fight scenes.

Norbert Kox Bainting in Bimini
Apocalyptic artist Norbert H. Kox painting Rock of Ages, in Bimini (2010). Filmed by Jan Bednarz, the same film artist to cast Kox in a 2010 short film, in the role of Ernest Hemingway as a boxer on the Island of Bimini.